What will happen to the unvaccinated population?

Well, for anyone with brains, that’s easy to guess.

More of them will get sick from the various illnesses they’re refusing to be vaccinated against, be it Covid-19 or Measles or whatever.

This will result in a larger number of deaths of the unvaccinated than the vaccinated, more time they’ll have to take off from work or school, or they’ll go into work or school and infect others.

The above will result in spreading it more and more, including to others who already had it, increasing the likelihood of a mutated variant that is more deadly, resulting in more illnesses and more deaths and more long term effects.

The above will result in an even bigger detrimental impact on the economy, medical facilities, and so forth.

And as much as I don’t wish death, pain or suffering on others, I can see a silver lining, as more of them die off, with the vast majority of them being Conservatives, their ignorance and stupidity will result in fewer Conservatives, This means that their “owning the libtards” will result in “libtards” owning them, having majorities for the future, retaking local and state governments, and Federal governments (because Conservatives won’t be elected when they no longer exist). This will lead to a better, more caring, more equal, more just and a more free society with the overturning of the hateful, racist and discriminatory laws passed by Conservatives who are terrified of Asian, blacks, Native Americans, Women, Jews, Muslims, other religions, atheists, people exercising their right to vote, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, and so on. It will lead to a more compassionate, caring, free, equal and just America with a better quality of life for the Americans who survive.

So, Conservatives, please feel free to continue to be unvaccinated. You’re so terrified of science and being “replaced” by non-White, non-Christians your total and complete stupidity is what will cause it.

Dumb asses.

What will happen to the unvaccinated population?

7 thoughts on “What will happen to the unvaccinated population?

  1. asher slade says:

    Yes because the vaccinated are not randomly dropping dead or dying with odd blood clots that can be tied to your wanted to be forced vax. The unvaxxed for COVID are doing fine . None of us regret not taking the not long term studied MRNA gene therapy so called vax. I am fine with most other traditional vaccines in early child hood and for those who want a flu shot hey you are free to do that if you feel it’s better than not getting it. I do not take the yearly flu shot as I tend to have a bad reaction to it . So in flu season, I take some precautions ie hand washing and other steps to avoid going out if I feel any way sick. Hell a family member of mine is sick for a heart issue on life support where I am the one to make the call on removing life support but since I am still sick with some illness that has me running a fever and feeling crummy / hacking coughing and alike. So I refuse to travel through a few states it will take to go to the hospital that they are in , I do not wanna spread what ever the illness I have to anyone else . So yeah not all you wanna paint as evil anti vaxers go around wanting to spread illness to others like you claim here. We mostly wanna be left alone and not ordered to take a vax by people like you and others. We do not trust the MRNA as studies done long term have yet to be done. As well as most all data about this vax have been sealed for 75yrs . Makes people like me already distrustful of big gov and big pharma have reservations about it. We do not choose to not take the vax for stupid reasons we rather just get on with it if we get COVID and other variants ie election variant , climate change variant , sudden heart issue variant that have been seen in the people who took the gene therapy.


  2. I’ve had the same thought myself … common logic tells us that those who continually refuse to respect the science, who put their children in the line of fire by touting unlimited access to guns, yet eschewing masks and vaccines, will see a thinning of their herd. At this point, I can honestly say … good riddance to them!

    An aside … does this Slade dude have a point, or does he just like to practice his skills at being disagreeable and ignorant?

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    1. He’s just one of those people you happen to mention, those who reject science, logic, common sense, while supporting unlimited guns while eschewing masks, vaccines and so forth. I try not to laugh at him too much, but I do pity him, and his willful ignorance and rejection of reality.

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      1. Asher is someone who repeatedly came at me, over a course of several years, with the same inane, misleading, and dishonest positions. His bluster, insults and rhetoric never worked, yet he persisted. I don’t know if his angry attitude has ever benefited him in any way, but he must have realised that in the end, it held no meaning over me.

        Jill, Asher is the guy who thought it was brave and manly to issue death threats. He displayed his true character with such gestures.

        For what it’s worth, I believe him regarding a sick relative, and I offer him my complete sympathy in that regard, because it must be a horrible situation to be in, and I would not wish it upon my worst enemy.


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